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Thanks to the extension of European standard gauge track to Barcelona, the southwest route offers a fast rail connection to France and the Iberian Peninsula.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Expansion of the European standard gauge enables fast transport to Barcelona of our fleet of UIC locomotives
  • Direct connection to the Europe-wide Automotive RailNet of DB Cargo Logistics
  • Hub in Einsiedlerhof for bundling automotive quantities into high-frequency block trains to Spain
  • Transports to various Spanish economic centers by means of reloading, axle relocation or truck on-carriage
  • Transfesa Logistics, the Spanish subsidiary of DB Cargo, offers door to door multimodal transport in Spain and across borders
  • National multi-industry rail network connecting production centres, ports and consumption centres

CO2e emissions

Example route
Valencia – Cologne



The emission values were determined using the independent calculation tool EcoTransIT World. EcoTransIT World's emissions calculation met the previous EN16258 standard and will be fully compliant with ISO 14083 by the end of 2023.

Your strong rail to Spain

The southwest route has proven itself time and again for the automotive, retail, fast moving consumer goods, steel and chemical industries. It offers customers effective transport options for a wide range of goods.

With the extension of the European standard gauge network to Barcelona, there is now no need to change axles at the Spanish border, resulting in a significant time saving. This network extension is planned to be operational as far as Valencia.

Nevertheless, Transfesa Logistics offers the option of crossing the border either via the Atlantic or via the Mediterranean corridor throughaxle changing.

Einsiedlerhof as the central hub

DB Cargo Logistics uses the hub in Einsiedlerhof as the core of the logistics solution on the Spain corridor. This is where the block trains that start in the direction of Spain are formed. Up to Einsiedlerhof, the cargo vehicles mostly travel in single wagon traffic or in existing train systems from the various plants and ports in Germany and Europe. The hub concept offers the significant advantage that by bundling the quantities from the respective plants into a direct train, smaller quantities can also be dispatched more quickly and the overall transit times are significantly reduced.

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