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The southeast route links Germany with eastern Europe and Turkey, including connections to markets in Asia and the Black Sea region.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Direct service to Istanbul without additional handling
  • Single-wagon transports for smaller transport units also available alongside block train transports
  • Link to eastern Europe and hinterland in combined transport through Oradea connections
  • Istanbul Halkali terminal enables connection to Black Sea region and towards Asia
  • Connecting Europe with the Southern Silk Road and markets in Asia
  • Contact persons with local expertise on all parts of the route
  • Connection to the Europe-wide Automotive RailNet with synergy effects

CO2e emissions

Example route
Schwandorf – Istanbul



The emission values were determined using the independent calculation tool EcoTransIT World.
EcoTransIT World's emissions calculation is compliant with ISO 14083.

Bringing east and west together by rail

Rail freight transport is international and provides an environmentally friendly connection between important markets. The southeast route links Germany and western Europe with southeastern Europe. This important route from southern Germany to Istanbul and the major international container terminal at Halkali also connects Oradea (Romania). These are important hubs with connections locally to the last mile or onward to eastern Europe.


Attractive across sectors

What makes the route particularly attractive is its direct connection to the international freight terminal at Halkali. This serves as an important hub for transports to Turkey and beyond to Asia via the Southern Silk Road. There is also a direct connection to the Black Sea and onward transport by ship.

Whether customers book block trains or individual containers, the full route or just a section, DB Cargo provides a complete service. This naturally includes first and last mile, as well as coordination with everyone involved. Local specialists on the ground look after the planning and communication to ensure a smooth process and onward transport to the destination. In addition, the route is closely linked to the Automotive RailNet and uses the synergy effects of the Europe-wide network. It could not be easier.


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