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Faster than the ship and cheaper than the plane: The relation offers the perfect connection for transports between Europe and Asia. +++ The dashed line is currently only possible as a transit connection.+++

Your benefits at a glance

  • Greater transport efficiency, with all services from a single source
  • Wide range of services (terminal-to-terminal, door-to-door, door-to-terminal) for block train and single-wagon transports
  • Twice as fast as ocean freight, significantly cheaper than air freight
  • Direct connection to Germany's most important trading partner

CO2e emissions

Example route
Xi´an – Duisburg



The emission values were determined using the independent calculation tool EcoTransIT World.
EcoTransIT World's emissions calculation is compliant with ISO 14083.

Faster than ever before

Lead time and quality are the cornerstone of your customer satisfaction. Therefore, DB Cargo has made a huge step for rail freight transportation on the Eurasian market to improve both aspects. The Full Time Schedule Train fulfills all requirements.

DB Cargo offers a round trip between Xi’an and Duisburg with a lead time of 12 days on average. It is especially interesting for customers who like to ship high value cargo and put more emphasis on a green supply chain. By using rail, customers can lower the mix of air freight in their portfolio but still rely on a very fast transit time. It has many benefits: short transit times has a positive impact on inventory management and is a good service for seasonal products or products with a short shelf-time. 


Service from A to Z

The best way to transport goods between Asia and Europe is by rail. And with an unbeatable combination of positive effects: Faster than the ship and cheaper than the plane. Customers have the flexible option of booking both block trains and single wagonload transports to transport goods to the 18 countries on the Eurasian Corridor. And the whole package from a single source from DB Cargo. The services offered range from the planning of the transports to their execution, including the coordination of the journeys across eight time zones and four climate zones as well as border crossings.

This bundling of all services in one hand ensures efficient transports on this long route and includes pre- and on-carriage. Door-to-door solutions can be booked as well as door-to-terminal or terminal-to-terminal, naturally including track & trace and container provision.


Do you have any questions? We are happy to help.


Monika Olejniczak

Director Sales, DB Cargo Eurasia

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