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European rail network on the north-south corridor, adapted to the needs of freight forwarders and suitable for flexibly transporting variable wagon volumes.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High frequency and capacity on the south-north corridor
  • Door-to-door logistics in combined transport through railports
  • Transport solutions also available for small quantities through consolidation of multiple customers
  • High volumes even in single-wagon transport
  • Flexible shipping capacity for the safe transport of waste
  • Rapid Alpine transit through the Gotthard Base Tunnel avoiding traffic jams and night-time bans

CO2e emissions

Example route
Castelguelfo – Borken



The emission values were determined using the independent calculation tool EcoTransIT World.
EcoTransIT World's emissions calculation is compliant with ISO 14083.

Your perfect connection to the South

DB Cargo Relation South offers a frequent European rail network for transports between Northern and Southern Europe. The range of services extends from efficient single wagonload transports, in which products from different suppliers are consolidated into full loads, to block train transports. In this way, even small transport volumes can be transported by freight train. With Alpine transit through the Gotthard Base Tunnel, rail freight transport can not only avoid congestion on the roads, but also the ban on night-time truck traffic. In this way, your goods reach their destination quickly and almost climate-neutrally.


Flexible and efficient

Door-to-door solutions make rail freight transport possible even within southern Italy, which is poorly developed in terms of infrastructure, by carrying out the pre-carriage and onward carriage by truck. At numerous railports, large quantities of food and beverage products are handled, among other things: tomatoes, pasta and water from Italian manufacturers, which are shipped to German traders. The flexibility with which block trains can be separated into single wagons and routed to different destinations is also particularly attractive for steel customers.


Do you have any questions? We are happy to help.

Paolo Volpe

Head of International Sales Italy, DB Cargo

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