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Your benefits at a glance

  • Europe's largest rail logistics network for the automotive industry with up to 250 trains per day
  • High-performance lanes between the major automotive clusters
  • Door-to-door solutions through optimal linking of rail and truck
  • Utilisation of synergies through the combination of component and finished vehicle transports
  • Central hubs for consolidation and deconsolidation of volumes from different customers
  • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence directly to the factory
  • Connection of battery manufacturers according to the plug-and-play principle

CO2e emissions

Example route
Ingolstadt – Györ



The emission values were determined using the independent calculation tool EcoTransIT World.
EcoTransIT World's emissions calculation is compliant with ISO 14083.

Europe's largest rail network for the automotive industry

Our Automotive RailNet connects the locations of the automotive industry and forms a close, high-performance network between suppliers, manufacturers, ports and dealers - throughout Europe! This creates complete logistics chains, including pre- and on-carriage by truck, efficient transhipment facilities and other rail logistics services in our own logistics centres and car terminals. We also already transport batteries for e-cars safely, environmentally friendly and efficiently to the car plants in the Automotive RailNet and are connecting more and more battery manufacturers to our network.


High-frequency multi-client trains

The Automotive RailNet is open to the entire industry - for larger quantities by block train or individual full loads in single wagonload transport, whether with or without their own siding. At central hubs, we bundle groups of wagons from different customers from different plants and assemble them into high-frequency block trains. On important corridors, such as to Romania, we also offer intermodal shuttles for containers, swap bodies and mega-trailers, including pre- and onward carriage by truck if desired. In this way, up to 250 trains are on the move for the automotive industry throughout the entire network - every day!


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Kai Birnstein

Kai Birnstein

DB Cargo Logistics, Head of Automotive

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